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5 Ways Cards Can Better Your Relationships

If you are wanting to connect better with your partner, your family, or even your friends, you need to create TIME. We are busy people! Whether you are traveling the world, you’re a full-time student, working a job, or being a super mom, it is important that you nurture your relationships. Connection is what keeps life exciting, it’s what brings us peace and true happiness. Unfortunately, we don’t always have the hours we wish we could spend all the time with our loved ones, but that doesn’t mean the connection is lost! One way that I have loved connecting with those I love is through writing cards. @Hallmark Cards are an amazing way to create connections in our busy lives. Here are 5 ways sending a card can better your relationships.

1. When schedules don’t line up it is the perfect way to remind someone how much you care.

I have a really good friend whose schedule is the complete opposite of mine. It’s so hard to catch up or connect because of the lack of time. Writing cards to one another has been perfect for us to stay connected. 

2. Cards are the perfect surprise.

When you get a card in the mail it always puts a smile on your face! It’s the thoughtfulness that someone went the extra mile to think about you. Spark new connections in your relationships by sharing a thoughtful card  with each other. The surprise alone will make you both feel closer.  

3. Cards sometimes say it better than we can.

You can say as much or as little as you want. They can help convey the message when you don’t always know what to say. A card can make someone feel connected, supported, and loved in as few or as many words as you want to say.

4. Cards are so personal.

Cards can instantly help you create deeper connections because of how personal they are. They truly have the power to build and strengthen relationships. Sometimes when I feel disconnected from people I will write simple cards to remind myself and the person I’m writing to, how much they mean to me. 

5. Cards are a physical reminder in a digital world. Technology is amazing because we can instantly talk to anyone around the world. It is an easy form of communication. The difference between cards and a simple text message is the physical reminder that you were thought of. Someone went the extra mile to think about you and care enough to send a card. 

Show someone you care. Slip a card into your husband’s backpack before he heads off to work, send a surprise card in the mail to your mom, or bring one to a friend at your next “catch up” lunch. Imagine how much happier we would all be if we went the extra mile to make people feel cared about. Hallmark has an amazing selection of cards that are perfect for every occasion. Whether it’s a birthday, a wedding, or even an I don’t know what to say card, they have just the thing for you to build better relationships. Check them out here. If you are needing a little more connection in your life, please reach out. I might even send you a card!



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andrea bilt
andrea bilt
Jun 02, 2022

I am just so much happy after getting stuff. I am sure this will really work in my relationship as help me a lot.

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