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Boss Babe Mastermind Retreat Takeaways

Updated: May 9, 2019

The Boss Babe Mastermind Retreat was such an incredible weekend filled with inspiration, tears, guest speakers, good food provided by Costa Vida and Slap Fish, laughs, connection, and growth. It’s crazy how life gives you exactly what you need, right when you need it. I needed this weekend and I definitely needed these women to uplift me, support me, and inspire me. For those of you who couldn’t make it, here are my Boss Babe Mastermind Retreat Takeaways!

Well Rounded Goals are Life Changing Goals:

Within our mastermind, we understand the power of goals! They have the ability to change your life and thats something we hit hard on. We have 3 aspects of this Mastermind-Boss Babe Mind, Boss Babe Body, Boss Babe Boss. Each section hitting on major life changing goals! The first is the boss babe mind where we talk about the importance of your mindset and give you tools to go after your dreams! The second is Boss Babe Body- this one is all about the importance of taking care of your body and fueling it the right way! The third is Boss Babe Boss! This is the money making opportunity that can help you to become a world traveler, full-time mom, or give you a little more freedom in your day. Throughout the mastermind we really hit on all three of these through our guest speakers, mindset activities, our cooking classes, mediation, yoga, and just getting to sit and talk with each other.

Care About People:

Something that really stuck out to me is that you truly need to care about people. When you genuinely care about someone all you want for them is the best. That is the culture that we really try to set within this mastermind. It’s crazy how once you get to know someone it’s impossible not to love them. When you hear about peoples struggles, trials, and hardships, all you want is for them to move forward. When you hear people’s dreams, all you want to do is to help them get there. I felt so close to these ladies at our retreat. I truly felt the love that they have for me and for each other. When you help other’s succeed, you always succeed in return. Care about people and watch your own personal business grow as well.

The Importance of Surrounding Yourself with Good People:

Another thing that really hit me is that it’s amazing how the people around you truly do shape your mindset. You think the way that people around you think, and you act the way that people around you act, so who are you surrounding yourself with? Ask yourself in any relationship- are they helping me to move forward, or are they continually making me feel bad about myself/ my goals/ my passions/ my dreams, if they are, you need to create boundaries or even distance with them. That includes people that you don’t even know that you follow on social media. If something I have ever posted makes you doubt yourself- please unfollow me! It won’t hurt me in the slightest and I hope it will help you in the process! Self doubt does not help you to move forward and we all have so much that we want to do. Take a moment to reevaluate he relationships in your like and if they are not propelling you forward, find some people that will. If you need a good group of women who are continually helping, motivating, and speaking life into you, join our online community!

You’ve Attracted People Into Your Life- What do you need to learn from them?:

What really hit me was that we have attracted people into our lives- What do we need to learn from them? It was a really cool experience for me to look around the room and think to myself, what do I need to learn from these people. They are all here for a reason, so what reason are they in my life at this point in time? Why are the people in your life, in your life? What lessons can you teach them and what can they teach you? It opens your eyes to the people around you and gives merit to anything that they are saying. Look at everyone as an opportunity to learn from them. You never know who may have the keys to your success.

No matter what your goals are, a supportive community will help you get there

Everyone is this mastermind has different end goals, some want to be bloggers, some want to start a business, some are actresses, some want to be a stay at home mom. Although we are all on different paths, we are all walking them together. We are helping each other, cheering each other on and rooting for eachother. When times get tough I know who has my back and I’m so grateful for these people in my life.

These Girls Have Changed My Life. I know it’s hard to imagine that a single weekend could have such an impact on me, but it did. It’s amazing to see just how much people care and what we are all willing to do for each other in order to help and support each other. Whether that’s sitting on a call inspiring each other, giving each other new tips and tricks, or going out our way to help them build their dream. There is no reason to tear people down and there is an unlimited amount of success. Let’s share it, let’s help each other, and let’s build our dreams together. If you need an opportunity like this to really push yourself financially, physically, and mentally, join the Boss Babes Mastermind and come work with us.

xoxo Bri

Ps. If you ever need me, call me, text, message me, email me. If you're struggling, need a friend, or need a little boost of confidence, if I can help in any way, let me! I hope you all have a fabulous week. I'm thinking of you, praying for you, and cheering you on from a far.


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