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Find The Courage to Start Over

courage to start over, Bri elise explains why it is important to find your passion
Finding Courage to Start Over

The hardest internal battle you will ever face is the one that tells you to keep on the same path, when you know you need to change direction. We hear about the big time millionaires who quit x to become y. We read their books about finding happiness that they have never felt before or finding even greater success! So why don’t we all quit our dead end jobs and change direction? Because the fear of the unknown path leaves us paralyzed! Why would we go back on what we once knew was right? Maybe you have faced this internal conflict. I’m giving you permission to go after what you want. To the people who are saying “but what if?” and the ones that are thinking, “but this is supposed to work.” Read my 6 ways to find the courage to start over.

1. Even if it’s a “sure thing” it may not be your thing.

Have you every felt completely stuck in the place you’re in? I have.

Maybe you’re in a job that you know will pay the bills, but you feel your creativity going to waste, or maybe you studied a degree just because you’d get a job, but hate the career path that comes with it. Your “sure thing” may not be “your thing” and that is okay. I’m not saying rip your degree up or quit your job tomorrow, but I am begging you to find the courage to do what makes you happy. Your happiness means way more than staying after hours at work to prove your worth. Your happiness means way more than a toxic friendship. If you’re sure thing can’t make you happy spend sometime trying to find your thing.

2. There isn’t just one door

We all know the saying when one door closes, another door opens, but what if there was more than one door waiting for us? Your mom probably told you when you were 6, but if you haven’t reminded yourself in awhile, you can be anything that you want to be. If you shut the door on a job, there are a million others. You can go to school tomorrow and be a nurse, or start your blog today! If you need an opportunity, don’t just walk in any open door, choose your door and love your choice.

3. Just Because You Walk Away From Something That You Thought Was Right Doesn’t Mean It Was Wrong

For those of you who don’t know my background, I went to university in England, where I eventually dropped out, moved to Bali! In the past couple of years, I walked away from a school that I thought was right, and I walked about from a business opportunity that I thought was right, and felt so many uncomfortable transition periods! I was so conflicted because I truly felt like I had been led to those opportunities. The thing is, I was. Where I saw failure then, the me now sees experience, building blocks and stepping stones. Because of the things that I have learned, lost, and the opportunities that I allowed myself to have, I have become a completely different person. I have new goals, new ambitions, and a new excitement for the things in store for me. Just because you walk away from something that you thought was right, doesn’t mean that all along it was wrong. Starting over is scary! But you are on the right path.

4. What You Are.. And What You Can Become

Have you ever felt that feeling in your stomach that says, “I’m not sure anymore.”? Or the thought of going to a job where you just can’t progress just doesn’t sit well with you anymore? And no, it’s not just your undigested lunch. This feeling of discontentment is telling you that something is not right here. Neal Maxwell explained this feeling perfectly when he said, “Divine discontent comes when we compare ‘what we are to what we have the power to become.’” You have the power to become SO much! Your discontent is begging you to use that power for something great!

5. Take A Break

You know that feeling when overwhelm takes over, and all you want to do is sit in your bed with a box of Oreos and binge watch Netflix? Me too. Can I tell you how to get rid of it? Here’s the secret: Take a break. There was a time in my blogging career when I got so discouraged that I couldn’t be inspired anymore. “So and so got x amount of likes, or I’ll never make it because …” I stopped enjoying what I loved because becoming the best turned in to an obligation instead of my motivation. Overwhelm hit hard and I couldn’t turn that ship around. There’s a quote that helps me remember that I’m human, “When I wallow in thoughts of what I am NOT, I do not progress.” You can’t be all you can be when you are too focused on all that you are not. Take a break, remind yourself who you are, and remember your why. Then when you’re ready, start again.

6. There is room for you.

“I want to be a _________ but there are already too many of those.” Have you ever had that thought? My thought went like this, “I love being a blogger, but I need to be happy just being a smaller blogger because there can’t be room at the top for everyone.” Just writing that out makes me sick! Let me tell you once and for all! You are not too late, you are not too old, you are not too big, too small, too bad at, too anything to not go after what you love. There isn’t another you and there if you throw that mindset out the window, there is always room for you.

I want to leave you with a favorite quote of mine from F. Scott Fitzgerald, “For what it’s worth: It’s never too late to be whoever you want to be. I hope you live a life you’re proud of, and if you find that you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start over.” If you need help finding that courage, reach out to me! You never know who can open a few new doors for you.


Bri Elise

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