How I Started A Blog

How I Started A Blog

This is not a quick and easy story about how I dropped out of university, quit my job, etc. and started making thousands of dollars every month. I so strongly believe that if you decide what you love to do, you can work your butt off until it’s your job and that is exactly what I did.

How I Started A Blog

1 Years Ago I was Going to University

One year ago I was in University. I was studying international business at a university abroad and I knew there was more. I wanted so badly to travel, experience the world, and live my life on my terms. That sounded like a fun and magical idea, but I didn’t know how and I knew I needed money. 2 weeks before I left to school in England, my friend Justyn, reached out to me about working for myself. It was everything I wanted to hear, but I had a plane ticket booked and a place at a University that I worked really hard to get into. After several months of living and going to school in England, I was contemplating one night what to do with my future, when I remembered our conversation. After several weeks of thought, several days of planning, and several conversations with God, I dropped out of university. I packed up my apartment, and flew back to America to pursue a dream, that at first, only seemed like wishful thinking.

Moving Across The World

Moving Across the WORLD

My plane touched the ground in LA and I immediately began working out, how I was going to make this happen. My first thought ended up being, where am I going to make this happen? Where would I want this life to start? Another friend of mine, Britt, was in a similar situation and was ready to take her life back as well, we both had the whole world in front of us and decided to move to Bali. It was so nice to start this new chapter with a familiar face and best friend. We had some wild adventures in Bali, but my purpose of going there was to really show myself what I could do. I had a drive and a fire to make this happen for myself. A 21 year old girl, quit school and moved across the world to live in a country where she didn’t speak the language, didn’t know a soul, and didn’t have a steady income. It is the biggest risk I have ever taken in my life. Opting out of the “safe route” in hopes that my “dream” would pay off.

How I Started A Blog

Full-time Blogging: Starting Out

We moved into our cute apartment, got a scooter, did some grocery shopping, toured around, posted some blogposts, spent countless days at the beach, posted some photos … and the money stopped coming in. It dawned on me, “ I have NO idea what I’m doing.” I went into full research mode. I studied blogging, I took courses in virtual assisting, I paid attention to what other bloggers were doing, and I worked my butt off! I’ll be honest, at the very start I was so nervous. There were a lot of days spent crying, a lot of days I was extremely frustrated and stressed, a lot of days when I would run the “Why can’t I be like _______” scenarios, and a lot of days where my savings started to slowly disappear, but effort reaps reward.

Rice Fields in Bali

How I Started Making Money Blogging

There were a lot of things I was good at and I thought, I may not have the “following” to benefit myself with these sills, but I can help other people. I started taking clients as a virtual assistant, writing blogs, writing email campaign copy, and creating content for clients. I learned a lot there, because no one was trying to “hide their success” strategy from me! We were all working toward the same goal! I came to as point where I finally felt like I knew what I was doing. I felt like I got the hang of it I stopped working for my clients completely. That’s when I went FULL ON BLOGGER.

Swimming With Dolphins in the Maldives


The things I could have done, so much sooner, if people weren’t SO afraid of other people succeeding. There was a limited amount of information out there. I would get a taste of what people were doing, but not enough to reap the same benefits for myself. People were so reluctant to help and I needed help! Let’s be honest, at the end of the day there is only so much information we personally have for ourselves. I NEVER want lack of information to deter you from following your dreams. Like I said at the beginning, find what you love and work your butt off until it’s your job. It is possible to live your dreams and there are so many ways of doing it. If you need help kick starting yours, schedule a “Strategy Call” with me! I would be more than happy to talk you through an action plan and give you ALL of my knowledge!

Visiting Malaysia

Follow Your Dreams

Nothing hurts me worse than when people are too afraid to go for it. Have faith in yourself and have faith in your dreams. I have done and seen things that I never thought would be possible for me. I only stayed in Bali for 2 months because my wanderlust is out of control, but I am able to travel full time! I have had so many doors open up for me since I pursued this less than a year ago. I got invited to Paris Fashion Week, visit my boyfriend who lives across the world from me whenever I want, I’ve been to 33 countries and 18 countries this year! You can have whatever life you are motivated to live. “Goals are dreams with deadlines.” Nothing is out of reach and working for yourself is 100% possible. Change your mindset and change your life.

Let’s jump on a strategy call and get this dream rolling out! Head over to my “Strategy Call” tab and let’s talk blogging and influencing. If you need someone to help you, if you need a pep talk or a pump up sesh, Call me, let’s chat, and let’s be friends!



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How I Started A Blog


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