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How Networking Leads to Success- Boss Babes Mastermind

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

How Networking Leads to Success

When I started blogging I had NO idea what I was doing. I dropped out of university to pursue something I was passionate about, but clueless about.. This time last year I came home from University only to find myself surrounded by "Nay Sayers". Everyone had an opinion about what I was doing and I can't tell you the amount of times I heard the words "That's Great, but when are you planning on going back to school?" There were days when I was fired up, but then there were days where I would let everyone's opinions get to me. I would get so discouraged and so in my head. I found that sometimes I was the one standing in my own way, because I surrounded myself with people who couldn't see life happen another way.

Your success truly is based on the people you center yourself around.

Your physical skills are important, but your communication and networking skills are just, if not more important! When I started blogging I knew nothing and no one. I had no idea what I was doing and what I was getting into. I took the biggest bite and tried to figure out how to swallow it as I went. It wasn’t until I made connections, reached out to people, and started networking that I actually found success in my field. Networking and your people skills will bring you success. Jim Rohn, the people genius himself said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Think about your inner circle. Think about the people you spend the most time talking and listening to. They are the ones who have the greatest impact on your success. These people should be people that you are always learning from, that you can count on, and that lift you up. In order to find these people, you have to be networking. Here are my 6 tips on networking and creating your “Success Squad”

Justyn Jen, Best Friend That I Met Through Blogging

Care About People:

You have to care about people- gone are the days where “I hate everyone” comes out of your mouth or I only love my bed and my mommy I’m sorry, thank you Drake… In order to make an impact, in order to succeed, you have to care about people. In the book , How to Win Friends and Influence People (Highly recommend you read this book!!), there is a story about a book publisher who could determine within the first page whether or not the writer cared about people. It wouldn’t matter the topic! People can tell, no matter how genuine you try to be, if you don’t care, we will know. Give more value than you receive, go the extra mile, share your experiences and actively look for ways that you can help someone and add to their life. In turn, this good will come back to you.


Set Boundaries:

Has there ever been a person that you just can’t share parts of your life with? They can’t match your excitement when sharing your accomplishments or ideas! When I decided to be a full time blogger, do you know how many people told me I was crazy? Then even more of them would say, “So, like, when are you going back to school?” Hello! Never! I’m on to something here! Those are the people that you need to set boundaries with. You can’t hang out with negative people and expect them to have a positive impact on your life. I understand we all have our hard times, we all have moments where we want to give up, or we just need to vent! That is okay, but pay attention to the ones who are encouraging you and the ones who are discouraging you. Then set boundaries with those people, don't write them off, but proceed with caution!

Boss Babe Brunches

Behave like people you want to attract:

About 3 years ago, I literally had no friends. I was shy, my friends were married or out of the country, and I frankly didn't know how to meet new people! I was ALONE. Of course, there were people around me, people who loved and cared about me, but when it came down to it, I have no one to call to tell them about my day. Maybe you have felt this way, It could be because you are letting go of people in your life that may have been toxic for you, maybe you are finding new friends, or maybe you just got the short end of the straw. I have been there. I know exactly what it is like to walk alone. I can also tell you, it doesn’t stay that way forever. In this time of “loneliness” become the person you want to attract. How would they act? What books do they read? How would they deal with conflict? How do they use their time? Become the best version of yourself and those people will find you. As I put this into practice, somehow these types of influential people came into my life.

Britt Gardiner: Best Friend Who Started This Journey With Me

More Connections= More Success:

You never know who may have the secret to your success, you never know who may have the advice that you have been searching for, and you never know who may need that from you. The sooner you open your mouth the sooner you will find out. Make it a goal to be there. I learned an amazing lesson from my friend Swae. Last year at Paris Fashion week, she came up to me after one of the fashion shows. She introduced herself and we got connected. Our friendship didn’t just last through that week. We have kept in contact and now plan to attend fashion week together this upcoming February! She has taught me so much about the PR side of influencing and I am so grateful for her. I look back on that day and I ask myself whether or not I personally would have gone out of my way to talk to her and I can’t believe what this year would be like if she hadn’t introduced herself. I have now made it a goal for myself to talk to every person I can. You never know what great conversations you can have, who you can meet, and how you can impact someone. If stepping outside of your comfort zone is a little difficult for you, then this might be some hard work. Samuel Goldwyn said, “The harder I worked, the luckier I get” Talk to people. Make connections. Open your mouth and find greater success.

Invest in your relationships:

Once you start to form the relationships, keep up with them. Talk to people, ask them how their cat is, remind them to stay on track of their goals and offer advice when you can. Pay attention to people, give them your time and remember things about them. “Love is really spelled T-I-M-E.”- Uchtdorf. People don’t know how much you care, until you go out of your way to give them your time. Invest in your relationships and invest in your personal success.

BB Blogger Strategy Retreat: Hosted by Britt & I

Invest in a Mastermind:

Masterminds are amazing groups where people come together to make things happen! We are starting a mastermind NOW. The Boss Babes Mastermind is in full force and we want to help us and all of our friends meet all the goals we could ever imagine. If you are ready to make a commitment to intentionally make your dreams happen, expand your business, work from home, set intense goals, guest speakers who are experts in their fields, and much more, than this is for you. We are talking health and fitness goals, mindset goals, and setting each other up to reach our dreams.

We will have weekly group calls where we discuss different expertise that we may have (I will be sharing blogging tips, influencer marketing tips, etc. in the upcoming weeks) You also get a one on one call to make a road map of where you are going, you will be apart of an amazing community of Boss Babes, there are monthly events, and bigger quarterly events, networking opportunities, friendships, dreams, then on top of that you will have a meal plan and exercise plan to get your mind and body in shape.

When I first started blogging, I wish I could have found a community who was willing to help me reach my goals. If I were to have been surrounded by motivating people in my lull moments, I wonder how much farther I would be now. That is why I am so passionate about this. I want to help you get to wherever you are trying to go! Let’s kick start these new years resolutions and set ourselves up for success in a community where we are all on the same track. If you want more information or if this is the “opportunity” that maybe you have been praying for, lets get in contact! Sign up Here to be considered to join this Success Squad!


Bri Elise

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