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How to Get Out Of a Creative Block #BrisColorChallenge

This is my first time spending more that 2 months in a row in America and to be honest it is such a weird feeling for me. When I first arrived home I I didn’t know how to be creative in what was to me, “boring old Utah”. As a creator, I sometimes find myself in a rut of, what do I do now.. The thing is, we all live in such incredible and unique places, it’s not “boring old anything” if you look at it with a fresh pair of eyes. Here are my 4 tips to get out of a creative block and to look at your world with a creative, fresh, pair of eyes.

1. Get inspired

When I get “stuck” it is hard for me to think my way out of things. I look at the same bedroom, with the same 4 walls, I see the same people at the gym every week and it’s hard for me to get truly inspired, but that is what we all need. Start looking at your surroundings from a different perspective and it will change the game for you. Other places that I love to get inspiration from are Pinterest, Instagram, Magazines, Old Movies, and by bouncing ideas off of my friends and family members.

Try Something You Say “You Could Never Do.”

I thought I could NEVER put blue on my feed so I never wore blue! It is so crazy what limiting beliefs will do to you. Since I decided “I never could”, I never had to figure it out. You need to learn how to make it work and teach yourself that you are bigger, smarter, and more creative than those limiting beliefs. In fact when a limiting belief arises goes as far as to push yourself to smash that limiting belief as fast as you can. Wear something completely outrageous, strike a pose that may look like you have a broken leg, try new things and experience that fulfilling feeling of “yes I can and I do.”

3. Re-Invent Yourself

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut because we look at ourselves and decide maybe this isn’t who I want to be. I sat down with myself and decided what I love and don’t love, what kinds of clothes I LIKE to wear, not the ones that “influencers are wearing” once you can redefine who you are, you can reinvent yourself and create beauty that is true to you.

4. Challenge Yourself

I came up with the color challenge because I knew it would be a stretch for me. I would have to think differently, think more creatively and push myself a little harder. I loved the way that I felt. I got so stuck in a rut with the content that I was creating and by challenging myself, it helped me to think smarter. This is one of my first challenges and will definitely not be the last! Stay tuned for more creativity challenges that I will be rolling out soon.

If you feeling creatively stuck, I hope you can take on the #BrisColorChallenge and go out there and create. Find new ways to reinvent yourself and enjoy the process as you go. If you need something you help you with the editing process, if you need a friend to take pictures with you, or you need someone to help you choose your final photo, text me! Email me! DM Me! I hope you can feel the creative juices flowing and I can’t wait to see what you accomplish.


Bri Elise

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