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Just. Making Periods a Little More Simple

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Ladies! Let’s talk about that time of the month for second. Have you ever looked at the label of your box of tampons? I have been recently introduced to Just. keeping that time of the month as simple as it needs to be. They use no dyes, no chlorine bleaching, no bells, no whistles, just. 100% cotton. Putting the simple back into the simplicity of womanhood. 

Not only is just. keeping things simple, but they have also made it their mission to keep our minds healthy. They have teamed up with Active Minds, an organization that brings awareness to mental health. By now you know that I am a mindfulness advocate and the beauty of supporting just. is also supporting our minds, empowering women, and giving them the opportunity to speak! To give you an idea of how they are making an impact, here is a little piece from their website. 

“The just. & Active Minds partnership is more than a donation. We’re going to be sponsoring on-campus events across the country to raise awareness around mental health and empower people to speak up. So keep an eye out! You can learn more about these events here. We’ll also be giving out just. products so at least one part of adulting can be bloody simple.”

Study up on your period options and when you start using just. you can thank me later! Grab them at walmart of shop the link here! Happy Time of The Month!



*This is a sponsored post in partnership with just. and the InfluenceHer Collective. All words and opinions are my own


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