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Packing Tip: How To Pack 15 Outfits Into A Carry-On

Buying your plane ticket can be so expensive, then you have to add on the additional fees for baggage which is anywhere from $50-$150 depending on the airline! Story time: When I went to Paris fashion week in September, I brought a carry on.. I had 2 outfits for 7 days, completed with shoes, bags, accessories, and jackets. I took another trip to Budapest in January and was able to fit 5 coats and 7 outfits in a CARRY-ON you guys! It has taken me years to perfect the art of packing your carry-on and I want to help you pack. Travel cheaper and spend money on the actual vacation. Here are my 10 tips to packing 15 outfits into a carry-on!

1. Roll Your Clothes:

Have you ever been camping? Next time you go, fold your sleeping bag and see how much more room it takes up. That is the same for your clothes. You can tightly roll your clothes and save yourself SO much room in your carry on. I try to fit all of my tops, dress, and trousers on just one side of my carry-on, then the other side can be saved for shoes, bags, underwear, and bulky jackets.

2. Fill your shoes with socks:

If you are going to optimize space, you need to optimize every space! There is a lot of room in the shoes that you bring. Boots and closed toed shoes are the perfect place to stuff some your socks in. You can also fill your shoes with small toiletries, and jewelry!

3. Your Carry On is a Puzzle:

Each item you put in your carry-on is a puzzle piece that can fit perfectly with the next item! Be sure to fill up every space like a game of tetras. I like to put all my tops dresses and trousers on one side of the carry on because the tend to fit together really nicely! I will put shoes, bags, coats, and bulky items on the other side. After that side is full I fill the smaller spaces with accessories, socks, underwear, and toiletries. PUZZLE.

4. Less Pants= More Room:

Your legs are the biggest part of your body, meaning you need a bigger item of clothing to cover them. You can get away with bringing less pants by trading them out for skirts or dresses. If you must bring pants, try your best to stay away from a thick denim jean. I usually bring 1 pair of thick denim jeans, a pair of jeggings, and some trousers, it gives me a good variety that I can pair with other tops.

5. Pack Bulky Things on Top:

After everything is packed, I will typically fold my jeans in one fold, making them pretty thing and laying them in-between the two sides of my carry-on! I find that this kind of disperses the bulkiness and leaves a little more room. If I were to roll my bulky items, they sometimes end up being wider than the width of my suitcase!

6. Ziplocs Are Life Savers:

Ziplocs are awesome to vacuum pack smaller items. A lot of people use them to vacuum pack everything, which is great! I find that I don’t need to do that, and that rolling is perfect for me. When it comes to underwear Ziolocs are really nice! I put everything in a bag together and squeeze out all the air, saving me lots of space.

7 .Bring a BIG Backpack:

I always bring a big backpack. In the backpack is where I put all my lotions, toiletries, and liquids. That way when I’m going through security and I need to pull my liquids out, I don’t need to unpack my perfectly packed carry-on! I can also put some bulky items that I couldn’t fit in my carry-on like my camera, laptop, and maybe an extra pair of shoes.

8. Travel Sized Liquids .. Ladies

As a girl you have all the hair products, the oils, the lotions, the face toners, foundations, etc. You can get a lot of your favorite products in travel sizes. Check their websites for a “travel-size” option. If not, Walmart has a really great selection of face washes, lotions, potions, and products. They also have travel sized bottles that you can fill up with 3 oz of your favorite products. Another great resource is to get solid versions of you liquids. Ones that I have used are Lush cosmetics. They have lotion bars- solid lotions that melt into your skin. Really great for saving up on liquids!

9. Wear Your Bulkiest Outfit on The Plane:

I always leave out my bulkiest items to wear on travel day. I’ll wear bulky shoes, my bulkiest jacket, and sometimes even a pair of jeans to save room in my carry on!

10. Make Sure the Airline You’re Traveling with Doesn’t Have Weight Restrictions:

This one is SO important. Here is my traveling horror story for you, I was traveling to England to see Tyler and I did not check the weight restrictions for carry-ons. I didn’t even think that was a thing! Lucky for me, on my way to England, no one seemed to check my bag. On the way home, I went through security with no problem, but right before I boarded, in the Gatwick airport, they had more scales at the gate. They made everyone reweigh their carry-ons and mine was so heavy. Rather than paying the initial charge of $40 online, I ended up paying $189.. Moral of the story- check your carry-on weight restrictions! (Typically flights within the US don’t have restrictions, but cheap international airlines usually do)

I hope these tips can help you pack some extra clothes and save a few extra bucks! Leave a comment mentioning which tip was the most helpful! Good luck on your next trip and send me some pictures from abroad!




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