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Stylish + Sustainable = Vivaia

A trend that I can always get behind is sustainability. For me, this starts with simple swaps in my everyday routine. For summer shoes purchases this year, I decided to choose shoes from Vivaia because of their stainable and eco-friendly promise.

They are the perfect blend of style, comfort, and sustainability. The two pairs of shoes that I wanted to talk about are the one pictured in this blog post. The first pair are their Melody heels. The square toe and chunky heel is one of my favorite trends that feels a little more timeless. These shoes are so comfortable with their padded insole, but the best part is, these shoes were made from 6 plastic water bottles!The breathable knit is made from plastic water bottles and you would have no idea. This is what I can effortless sustainability.

The second pair of shoes are the Jade Square-toe Heeled Sandals. These shoes are the perfect summer shoe to throw on and they go with everything! Pair them with a summer dress or even a cute pair of jeans. I loved the shoes because of how comfortable they were and the shape, again, is a timeless style. You would never even know that the breathable and stretchy fabric is made for 6 water bottles and the packaging is made from 100% recycles cardboard.

Going a little greener can be as easy as simple swaps in your shopping choices. There's no need to compromise, with Vivaia you get style, comfort and sustainability!

Use code BRI to get 18% off your purchase.


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