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When You Are In Your Changing of The Seasons: Remember These 6 Things.

I don’t, nor have I ever “Had it all figured out.” For whatever reason, I have been thinking about the seasons of my life recently in relation to the season I’m in now. Each season of our lives brings new opportunities, new friendships, new relationships, and purpose. Sometimes I’ll look at the current season that I’m in and think to myself… “What the H*LL am I doing?” or “Why isn’t this working out like I so perfectly planned it to?” Anyone else? To give you an example..

2013 Highschool: I’m going to be a doctor.

2014 First year of College: I can’t even handle the sight of blood so I will be a microbiologist and cure cancer.

2016 Mid College Years: Career shift! I want to build a business and work for myself.

2017 Dropped out: Started an online career through blogging and influencing.

2019 … to be continued.

Doctor mentality to Drop Out Hopeful Entrepreneur! In between each of those seasons every decision that I made felt so hard, because the old me was wanting to hold onto a path that wasn’t mine and the new me was excited about the new opportunity. I felt internal conflict, sad, and worried about what the future held. My “plan” wasn’t actually happening in the way that I imagined and I was afraid of the unknown. In between one of those seasons I did a huge self assessment and determined ME again. I realized in each season, my passions helped me to learn new lessons, meet people who have changed my life, and better prepared me for the next season. Although I currently am not going through medical school, that passion taught me that the sky is the limit and I am capable of big things. When you are feeling the changing of the seasons remember these 6 things.

It’s okay to not know what you’re doing.

Each new season meant a whole new plan. I felt like I was starting from ground zero again, again, and again. My passion got me there, so when is it going to kick in and make things happen for me? It’s okay to not know what you’re doing. Closed doors sometimes lead to long empty hallways, but there are doors if you keep looking and as you keep putting yourself out there. If you closed the door on a relationship, closed the door on a job, a bad habit, etc. there will be another door, and believe when I say it’s okay to not know what the other side of the next door might look like. Sometimes the path may seem like a rocky road, but you’re on the right one.

You will always know the next step.

In the book “Get Smart” the author talks about how you may not know the whole path, but you will always know the next step. Your next step may be to take care of your health and by doing so it opens doors in a relationship because you meet someone at the gym. It might be to clean your room and you find your old journal that inspires you to do more. It might be to find resources, so you can start your passion. However big or small it may be, you will always have your next idea.

Your dream job, may not even exist yet.

This one really hit me the other day. Why didn’t I just stay on my path? You hear about people who have wanted to be a firefighter their whole life or a doctor, etc. and they stick with it, so why didn’t I? I couldn’t dress up as a blogger/influencer on career day in elementary school because it didn’t exist! The world is ever changing. If there isn’t an occupation for a singing, poet, computer programing, acrobat, just you wait! You never know the technology, what trends, talents, and dreams are coming your way.

4. It’s okay to feel disheartened, discouraged, or distressed.

I found a quote on instagram of all places that I LOVED that I feel explains this one perfectly, “During your transformation, you might feel like everything is falling apart, but in reality everything is coming together for your highest good. You’re being pushed to evolve and get out of your comfort zone so you can live and experience your true greatness. Welcome change.” We all get discouraged, disheartened, or distressed when “it just doesn’t work out”, but if you can keep in mind that you were made for more, this bump in the road will be a small moment on the journey. It’s okay to feel down, but when you are ready, pull yourself back up again and welcome change. The sooner you do, the sooner you can get through the hard stuff and onto the great stuff.

5. Take the Leap

We spend so much time deciding. Is this right for me? Am I being rash? If I keep at this is will work. Etc. Now there is a difference between giving up and deciding what is not for you anymore. Mel Robbins put it perfectly when she talked about your attitude behind the leap. If you are running from a a problem, find a solution, find new resources, stick at it and make it work. But if your passions don’t lie there, then stop “trying to make it work”. It never will. Take the leap.

6. I promise you it will work out.

In the book “You Are a BadAss” Jen Sincero explains that people give up the day before their big break, the moment before everything changes and I don’t want that for you. We get so worried or stressed that things “aren’t going to work out” that we quit while we are ahead! I found another golden quote on Instagram that said this, “God is not in a hurry. You are. That’s why you’re tired. It’s why you’re anxious, stressed and disappointed. Trust that what was meant to be yours will be yours.” Trust that God has your back. He has a plan for you and he is preparing you for amazing things. Live in the present and keep trying.

Whatever season of life you may be in right now, remember that change is inevitable and you can either embrace it, or let it wear you down. There are so many thing that each of us were meant to accomplish and they ARE going to happen if you continue moving forward. We all go through a changing of the seasons, so remember to be kind to others and help each other along our way. If you need help during your many seasons please reach out to me. I would love to help in anyway that I can.

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